Caught Without Proof Of Insurance? Here's What Happens Next

Getting caught without proof of insurance can be a costly mistake. Here are some things that may happen next.

If You Actually Have Insurance

If you actually do have insurance coverage but didn't have any proof with you, that is the best possible outcome. The fines for not showing proof of insurance are much less steep than the ones for not having coverage at all. In that case, you would need to go home and find proof of insurance to dispute your fines.

If You Didn't Have Insurance

If you didn't have insurance, then you are probably looking at penalties in the high hundreds. Those can be waived if you are within a certain grace period of moving between two different states. If this was part of an auto accident that was your fault, you are also personally liable for any damages that the other person's car suffered and any medical bills they have. Seek out a car accident attorney to try to negotiate the amounts owed to other drivers and passengers. Unfortunately, you may also need to get an SR-22 at this point to prove that you have adequate insurance coverage.

What Is SR-22 Insurance?

An SR-22 must be filed with your state to prove that you have purchased auto insurance for a period of time. It is a requirement for driving if you are told you need to have it. Getting SR-22 auto insurance coverage is not much more difficult than regular auto insurance; it just requires your auto insurance provider to file the appropriate paperwork with your state. You also need to pay upfront for insurance when you have been issued an SR-22 requirement.

You have probably seen from this ordeal that it's usually not worth it to drive without auto insurance. Finding affordable auto insurance quotes can be difficult depending on your personal driving and credit records, but if you solicit a larger number of quotes and consider each coverage requirement carefully, you might be able to get more affordable insurance than you thought. There are also good driver programs, discounts for different professional organizations and alumni associations, and group insurance discounts that you might want to look into with the help of your auto insurance agent. Even a minimal auto insurance policy provides a lot of protection to you and gives greater peace of mind, should you ever find yourself in the same position again. For more information, contact a business such as Wolf Insurance Agency.