The Effects of Car Accident if You Do Not Have Auto Insurance

Being involved in a car accident at a time when you do not have car insurance is never a good thing; car insurance is a requirement in most states. If this recently happened to you, you could face consequences for it. Here are a few things you should understand about the consequences of getting in an accident without car insurance coverage.

It will not be as bad if you did not cause the accident.

If you were driving and someone collided into the rear end of your car, for example, the other driver would be considered at fault for the accident. Whoever is considered the at-fault driver is typically the person who will file a claim with their insurance company as their insurance company would have to pay the claim. Therefore, if you were in an accident and did not have car insurance, it would not matter as much if you were not the at-fault driver. While you may still face consequences, the consequences would likely be less severe than if you had been the person at fault for the accident during a time when you had no car insurance coverage.

You will be responsible if you caused the accident.

On the other hand, if you caused the collision to occur, you will be responsible for the accident. This means that the other party involved will have the right to sue you for the damages caused by the accident.

This is not the only consequence, though. Additionally, you may end up receiving a ticket for driving without insurance if this is a legal requirement where you live. If you get a ticket for this, you will end up having to pay the ticket, and this could also affect your driver's license and the cost of insurance if you decide to get car insurance coverage.

You may pay a lot more for insurance afterwards.

The third thing you should understand is that you may end up paying a lot more for car insurance coverage after an event like this. If you were the at-fault party in the accident, this will be reflected on your driving record. Additionally, if you are driving without insurance, it means that you have never had insurance or that you have a lapse in your coverage. In either case, you will likely be labeled as a high-risk driver, and this automatically causes your insurance premiums to be higher.

If you are driving without insurance, you should get coverage before you end up in an accident. To learn more, contact a car insurance agent today or visit an informative website such as