Auto Insurance Quotes: Online Vs In-Person

If you are looking for a new insurance company to cover your car, there are hundreds of companies out there just waiting to give you a quote. Before you start trying to narrow down what company you go with, there is the initial decision of whether to get a quote online or in-person. Both options have their pros and cons.


     Pros. The main benefit of getting an insurance quote online is the speed of it all. Instead of driving to a business, getting an appointment, and talking the talk, you can get a quote from several different insurance companies in under five minutes.

Another plus for shopping for insurance online is the wide selection to choose from. Most in-person insurance agents sell a specific company's insurance, while online you can jump around and get several different quotes fast. 

     Cons. Insurance quotes online are sometimes difficult to understand. You may think that you are getting what you want for an incredible price and then find out that you purchased less coverage than you needed. Changing your policy can also be a headache with many phone calls to the company needed.

Make sure to read and review the fine print several times before finalizing your purchase. Also, be aware that the prices of some insurance quotes may change when reviewed by an actual agent. Most companies are usually upfront about these changes, but it is something to be aware of. 


     Pros. A meeting with an insurance agent can help you to understand your policy better than you ever have before. Agents are great at explaining insurance in a way that people can understand. They may also know about special coverage options and rules that could save you money.

One of the biggest advantages of having a set insurance agent is that there is someone to help you in stressful moments. Instead of having to deal with insurance problems on your own, you have an advocate. 

     Cons. You may end up paying a bit more if you have an insurance agent. Their knowledge of the ins and outs of insurance comes with a price. Another con is that sadly it can actually be more difficult to deal with an agent than with the computer. It all depends on the agent.

In conclusion, some people may feel more comfortable buying auto insurance from an agent, while others can easily purchase theirs online. It all depends on the person.