How And Why To Exclude A Driver On Your Auto Insurance Policy

To save money on your auto insurance, you might have a combined policy for your coverage with everyone that lives in your household, and this may include your spouse, a teen or adult child, a different relative, or even a roommate. There might be someone in your household, though, that is a person who is not someone you would want driving your car or even on your policy. If this is the case, you might want to exclude this person from coverage on your policy.

What it means to exclude a driver

Excluding a driver on an auto insurance policy is a procedure that names a specific person as someone who cannot drive your vehicles. A person named as an excluded driver would not have coverage if that person drove your car and caused an accident. Naming someone as an excluded driver is not overly common, but it does occur in some cases.

The reasons to exclude a person

The main reason you might want to exclude a person as a driver is to avoid paying high rates for insurance costs. If a person who lives with you is someone with a very poor driving record, certain auto insurance companies may charge you a higher rate. If that person lives with you and has coverage on the same policy as you, you could be paying for the high risk the person carries. If you do not want to pay for that risk and have the risk of that person causing an accident on your policy, you could name them as an excluded driver.  

The effects of excluding a person

When you list a person as an excluded driver, it may affect your insurance rates in one main way, which is a decrease in rates. If the insurance company does not have to take on the high risk of this person driving your cars, they might reduce your rates. If you choose to do this, you cannot let this person drive any vehicle that you own, though, as they would not be covered if they did.

How to exclude a driver

If you would like to exclude a driver from your policy, all you have to do is make a phone call to your auto insurance company. When doing this, be prepared to give the name of the person and other details about him or her to make sure they place the right person on your policy as an excluded driver.