The Top Reasons To Have Comprehensive Coverage On Your Vehicle

If you are trying to save money on your car insurance premiums, you might be considering dropping your comprehensive coverage. While you are free to do this if you do not have a loan on the car, it might not be wise. Comprehensive coverage is vital for so many reasons, and here are some of the top reasons you should keep this protection on your vehicle.

It Covers Animal Collisions

People that drive in rural areas have a higher chance of encountering animals on the roads. If you hit an animal with your car and have comprehensive coverage, your policy pays for the damages. If you do not have comprehensive coverage, you will have to pay the bill. Animal collisions can cause minor damage or major problems to vehicles. Imagine hitting a deer and having $3,000 of damage to your car. Could you afford to pay the bill to fix your vehicle? With comprehensive coverage, you will pay the deductible only, and your policy pays the remaining costs.

It Covers Incidents that Happen in Your Driveway

If you park your car in a garage every night, you might not have many risks of damage occurring while you are home. If you park your car in the driveway or on the road, you might have some risks. For example, someone could steal your car or vandalize it. A storm could leave your car with hail damage. A tree could fall on your vehicle crushing the entire thing.

Comprehensive coverage protects you against all these events. It covers your vehicle for damages caused by most types of storms, vandalism, and theft. If you experience damages or losses from these things, your policy will pay the repairs.

It Protects Against Glass Damage

One other unique protection you receive from comprehensive insurance is glass coverage. Have you ever had a rock fly up and hit the windshield of your car? If this happens, it can crack or shatter the window. If you have comprehensive insurance, you can file a claim for the damages, and your insurance policy will pay for the repairs or replacement your car needs. Most comprehensive policies cover all the windows in a vehicle and not just the front windshield.

You can decide if you need comprehensive coverage or not, but you should realize that it is helpful for many situations. If you need more information about it or a quote, call an insurance agent today.