Basic Requirements To Purchase Commercial Truck Insurance On Your Semi

Before you embark on a successful career in over-the-road hauling, you must purchase coverage that will protect you, your truck and other motorists and property owners that you encounter. You need to have a commercial trucker insurance policy in place prior to heading out on the road. However, before you buy a policy, you need to know what insurance companies expect of new clients. You typically must meet these basic requirements before you can take out a commercial truck insurance policy.

CDL Requirement

Before you can purchase commercial truck insurance, you must have a commercial drivers license, or CDL. A CDL shows that you have the proper training to drive an over-the-road hauler. It also means that you have the skills needed to haul weights of greater than 26,000 pounds safely.

If you have yet to acquire your CDL, you must wait to buy commercial trucker insurance for your truck. The insurer that you buy the new policy from will require proof of your CDL. You typically must provide information like your CDL number, the state in which it is issued and its expiration date.

Length of Licensing

The amount of time will also come into play when you want to buy commercial truck insurance. In general, truck drivers who have been licensed for less than two years pay more for their insurance policies than drivers who have been licensed for two years or more. Many commercial trucker insurance companies consider new CDL holders to be greater liabilities than drivers who have at least two years' worth of commercial driving to their credit.

Semi Make and Model

The commercial truck insurance provider that you buy a policy from will also base your premiums and coverage amounts on the make and model of your semi-truck. As with passenger car insurance policies, the make and model of your semi will significantly influence how much you pay for your policy and what kind of coverage can be issued to you.

If you have a newer rig, you can expect to pay more than if your truck is more than a decade old. Likewise, heavier and longer trucks are considered to be higher liabilities than smaller trucks, which can cause you to pay more for your policy.

These factors are some that commercial truck insurance companies use to price policies. You must abide by them to purchase a commercial trucker insurance policy for your rig.

To learn more, contact a commercial truck insurance company.