3 Tips For Buying Auto Insurance Before You Buy A Car

Auto insurance is designed to protect drivers against financial harm in the event of an accident.

If you don't own a vehicle, you probably don't give much thought to auto insurance policies. If you plan to purchase a vehicle in the near future, you will need to start thinking about auto insurance before you visit your local dealership.

Your new vehicle must be insured as soon as you complete your purchase and drive off the lot. It can be helpful to invest in auto insurance before you buy your car to ensure you can legally drive your vehicle home once your purchase is complete.

1. Get Multiple Quotes

One of the greatest advantages you will enjoy when buying auto insurance before you buy your car is the ability to ask several companies for quotes. Most drivers want to keep their monthly auto insurance premiums as low as possible.

Each insurance company uses its own set of criteria to determine policy rates, so your costs could vary from one insurance company to the next. If you wait until you have purchased a vehicle to shop for auto insurance, you may not have time to gather multiple quotes.

Securing auto insurance before you buy a car is the best way to keep your insurance costs low.

2. Narrow Vehicle Options

You won't be able to fully complete your auto insurance policy until you know which vehicle you will be purchasing, but you can take all the necessary steps to make the VIN the only piece of information your insurance provider needs to complete your policy.

Many different types of vehicles are available on the consumer market. Drivers often begin their search for a new vehicle by narrowing their options. You will need to know if you are going to purchase a truck, SUV, sedan, or coupe when shopping for auto insurance.

By identifying a vehicle age range and body type, you can work with your insurance agent to secure the best policy.

3. Identify Discounts

Securing an auto insurance policy before you start car shopping can actually help you save on insurance costs over time.

Many insurance companies will offer discounts for specific makes or models. Discounts could also be available for vehicles equipped with alarm systems or other anti-theft features.

An insurance agent can provide you with a list of premium-lowering features to be looking for as you shop around for your new vehicle.

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