Auto Insurance Quotes: Online Vs In-Person

If you are looking for a new insurance company to cover your car, there are hundreds of companies out there just waiting to give you a quote. Before you start trying to narrow down what company you go with, there is the initial decision of whether to get a quote online or in-person. Both options have their pros and cons. Online      Pros. The main benefit of getting an insurance quote online is the speed of it all. [Read More]

The Effects Your Job And Education Level May Have On Your Car Insurance Rates

When insurance companies receive requests for quotes, they will need a lot of information before they can calculate premiums for auto insurance coverage. As they gather the right information, they may ask you about your education level and job. If you are wondering why they want to know these things, you should realize that it is because many insurance companies factor these things into the costs of a person's car insurance coverage. [Read More]

The Effects of Car Accident if You Do Not Have Auto Insurance

Being involved in a car accident at a time when you do not have car insurance is never a good thing; car insurance is a requirement in most states. If this recently happened to you, you could face consequences for it. Here are a few things you should understand about the consequences of getting in an accident without car insurance coverage. It will not be as bad if you did not cause the accident. [Read More]

Is Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Really Covering You?

You might think that because you have a homeowners insurance policy that you'll be covered if anything should happen to your home, property or belongings. Unfortunately, there are several things that a standard homeowners insurance policy won't cover. Here, you'll find a little information about things that your insurance policy will not cover and what you can do to ensure you don't take a loss. Household Damages Mold, termite damage, sewer backups, floods, earthquakes and sinkholes are all things that the standard homeowners insurance policy will not cover. [Read More]