Homeowner's Insurance Could Protect Risk-Taking Hobbyists Away From Home

Homeowner's insurance extends beyond coverage for property damage. When purchasing homeowner's insurance, the policyholder also acquires personal liability insurance. That coverage could be far more inclusive than realized. Personal liability protection safeguards your assets from lawsuits due to injuries on your property due to negligence. That might not be the total benefit. The liability protection may also cover any negligent action outside of your home, depending on the policy terms. Anyone who owns a home and engages in a risky hobby should look closely at the coverage limits on his/her homeowner's insurance. [Read More]

The Importance Of Liability Insurance When You Own A Restaurant

Owning a restaurant comes with inherent risks that you might not even consider. A wet floor that causes a customer to fall and get injured can be enough to ruin your business if you are sued because you don't have liability insurance. As part of your license to have a business in your state or municipality, you may have commercial insurance coverage regulations that you must follow in order to open for business. [Read More]

Tips For Dealing With High Workers Compensation Premiums And 3 Ways To Reduce Costs

Workers compensation insurance is a type of insurance that all employers are legally required to carry. This type of insurance protects an employee if he or she is injured while on the clock at work. If an injury occurs at work, a claim is filed and the insurance company will cover the cost of the employee's medical treatment and cover any lost wages. Workers compensation insurance is great for protecting employees, but premiums can also be quite high. [Read More]

How And Why To Exclude A Driver On Your Auto Insurance Policy

To save money on your auto insurance, you might have a combined policy for your coverage with everyone that lives in your household, and this may include your spouse, a teen or adult child, a different relative, or even a roommate. There might be someone in your household, though, that is a person who is not someone you would want driving your car or even on your policy. If this is the case, you might want to exclude this person from coverage on your policy. [Read More]